David Johnson

David has been acting and singing ever since his first live performance as an 11 year old, in front of his grade five class mates. Singing David Cassidy’s ‘I think I love you’, it led him to his first lead role in the school musical.

As he grew older, a series of tragic events drew him away from singing and acting, but not for long. At the age of 23 he decided to apply for a TV talent show called New Faces with Bert Newton.
Singing Cliff Richards ‘Wired for sound’, one of the judges commented on how much he sounded like Gene Pitney.

Being still such a young man and  becoming influenced by rock, Meat Loaf was more the flavour of the month at the time, so singing Meat Loaf songs became the norm at any competition or social gathering.

David then went on to perform in numerous stage plays, stage musicals, short films and full-length movies, but his main passion remains with singing. The development of the Meat Loaf tribute shows soon followed until a patron mentioned how much he sounded like Gene Pitney . So it made sense to create a tribute to one of music's all time legends GENE PITNEY, which has been achieved with great success over the past few years.

Born with a need to entertain and make people smile, he set about developing cabaret shows, not just to show case his own talents but to involve and expand the talents of others. David's love for bringing something special to a performance is what drives him, putting everything he has into a performance is what he is about.

Jacinta Radbourn

With a main career working in Electrical Design for a mining company, you would think there would be enough creativity in that but...Noooo!

You have to balance it out with something right!...well...

With more than 30 years experience associated in and around the theatre and live performance, Jacinta brings with her quite a wide scope of experiences.

From singing along with the families Sunbeam mix master at the age of 5, to performing and singing in musical theatre at the age of 16 and winning numerous singing competitions to working..... as a clown?  (that would explain it).

12 years ago, Jacinta decided to leave the stage and progressed to Audio Engineer, Audio Design, Lighting Operator, Lighting Design, Staging, Stage Management & logistics.

With in excess of 150 cabaret shows under her belt, Jacinta's main theatrical role is now live performance designer, Producer & Director with Replyca Productions with only the occasionally returning to the stage when needed.


Replyca Productions



Replyca Productions (originally known as CapCan Productions) is the brain child of David Johnson & Jacinta Radbourn.

Established 14 years ago in Perth, Western Australia, it all started out with a simple Meat Loaf/Cher show on 13th March 2004 in a small dingy pub in an outer suburb of Perth.

When two performers come together with a similar vision, something is bound to happen.....

Since then we have developed and produced show as well as stared in many ourselves. Along the way, we have had the pleasure of working with and been involved with many talented performers and vocalists, in our shows as well as supporting them in there own creations.

Replyca Productions does not do impersonations, but creates tributes to the top artists of the world from past to present.